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Uncork the Experience

ine is an experience! Newly discovered wine is an even finer experience. It is about setting the standard for the new norm and bringing real wine back to the forefront. We looked to the terroir and grapes as the adventure and, in that, came the discovery of wines which reflect, not only stunning cold-climate varieties, but the very people who cultivate them.  Here at Rolling Hills Estate Winery, it is about the people, the region, the food and most of all, wines lovers who truly appreciate natural, unmanufactured, and unadulterated wines from the vine to the bottle. Be a part of that experience by being among the first to purchase our limited allotment wines!


Terroir-Driven Wines

There is something magical about having access to special wines that others don’t. It’s all about the discovery of a new find. It’s about our commitment to excellence… to both the natural and the unadulterated. Most of all, it is about our commitment to you. Our terroir-driven wines express not only our grapes, but the natural conditions in which they are grown. These varietals are distinctive — each with its own tale to tell. Through thoughtful craftsmanship, a perfect blend of sophistication is part of each bottle. By limited allotment only, the fortunate few will experience the opportunity to taste and purchase meticulously crafted small batch artisanal wines. Originality over the same old mediocrity has never been so satisfying.


The Way Wine Was Intended to Be

When you find something special, you know from the first sip. From our resilient grapes have emerged wines that bear no resemblance to the conglomerate and manufactured; rather, it’s an honest reflection of the land, from vine to bottle. Wine shouldn’t be complicated. There is a distinct sophistication in its’ pure form. We always have you in mind as our team focuses on meticulous attention to detail, the relentless pursuit of innovation and the establishment of exciting new benchmarks in the world of winemaking. Join us as we bring small batch artisanal craftsmanship to the forefront.

Our History

From the Past, Emerges the Future

In the mid-nineteenth century, Westport, NY was a fashionable resort town. With the popularity of steamboat and railway travel and the lure of the ‘North Country,’ socialites, athletes, and politicians flocked to Westport.

Our 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt also has a connection to Westport. His good friend & Harvard classmate, Thomas Lee, started Thomas Lee Bottleworks, which bottled the celebrated mountain spring water of Westport. Throughout his Presidency, Roosevelt preferred that only this spring water be served at the White House. This is the very same spring water that flows from the high peaks behind our vineyard and irrigates our vines.

In previous years, Rolling Hills Estate Winery was enjoyed only by grateful friends and family of the current property owners. In 2020, the owners made the decision to open this majestic Estate Winery to those seeking a true wine and food experience in a home-away-from-home environment.

-Historical information provided by The Adirondack History Museum