The Single Vineyard Experience

A New Standard in Wine

Everyone is looking for that next great wine! This is what Rolling Hills Estate Winery has created through artisanal craftmanship. Our meticulously selected portfolio of wines highlight both the bountiful region and rich, natural terroir. The single vineyard experience has ensured grapes of superb quality. All of the natural elements of this region are being harmoniously balanced to ensure superior and unadulterated grapes. Each varietal brings its own flavor, tone, and quality. Our vines stand together, yet each differing with brilliant uniqueness and intense versatility. The spoils of our non-manufactured approach is now available to wine lovers in limited allotments.

Marquette label


Our rich clay soil and natural terroir are artfully reflected in this sophisticated vintage. This wine can stylistically range from a bright, fruit forward presentation to a classic old-world style dry red. Experience distinctive aromas of ripe cherry and dynamic flavors of spice and chocolate. Time honored traditions are artfully reflected in this inimitable varietal.  Soft on the palette with a bold finish, this limited allocation offering is a true experience that starts with the first sip.

Petite Pearl

Petite Pearl

Our development of Petite Pearl has blossomed into a complex dry red with tannic concentration and balance often found in warmer climate wines. The winemaking potential that Petite Pearl offers ranges from echoes of a Northern Italian Appassimento to a Bordeaux style dry red. Our natural terroir has given this wine a unique sense of style within the Rolling Hills Estate Winery portfolio.

Frontenac wine labels


This year, we are proud to be offering a sparkling Frontenac as a follow-up to our hugely successful 2021 Frontenac Gris. Known for its deep color and cold hardiness, Frontenac is one of the founding varietals of cold-climate winemaking.  Deeply colorful with vibrant notes of bright strawberry and cherry, Frontenac lends itself well to a crisp sparkling wine guaranteed to make you smile with each sip.

St. Croix label

St. Croix

This is a wine with personality and character! With aromas of boysenberry and distinct flavors of pepper and apricot glaze, the bold texture will leave you wanting more. St. Croix has lower acidity alongside a fine tannic structure which makes it a fine standalone wine that is reminiscent of a light to medium Burgundy wine. Taste the unique bond that is formed between our natural terroir and grapes with this limited allocation offering.

Sabrevois wine label with sparkling


This year we are pleased to be offering a terroir driven Sabrevois Rosé. Low tannins and low acidity are the hallmarks of Sabrevois grapes. While cooler years tend to bring out more distinct aromatics, this variety embraces simplicity in style and lends itself well to its expression as a rosé wine. This rosé is light and crisp on the palette. You will embark on a journey of small batch artisanship with every swirl and sip.

La Crescent label

La Crescent

With warm aromas of crème brûlée and profile flavors of stone fruits such as apricot, La Crescent is a new cold climate expression of a barrel fermented white wine. The complexity derived from this old-world treatment gives this wine wonderful potential for aging. You will find the texture to have a wonderfully crisp and clean feel. La Crescent has won the most awards and is a distinguished varietal for those with an affinity for cold-climate wines.

Frontenac Gris

Frontenac Gris

Our sister wine of our red Frontenac, the vibrant fruit flavors and distinctive aromas of sweet honey and chamomile are what truly set this wine apart.  With crisp acidity and bright flavors of citrus, stone fruit and honey, Frontenac Gris reminds us of some of our favorite Austrian Kabinette Rieslings. Retaining just the right amount of sweetness is the key to unlocking the magic of Frontenac Gris!

Our Vineyards

A Story of Tradition
In the Heart of the Adirondacks

The story of Rolling Hills Estate Winery is as rich as the soil itself, where small batch artisanal wines are meticulously crafted in a landscape unspoiled by time.  It’s a remarkably unique region, nestled amidst the grandeur of the Adirondack Mountains and the serenity of historic Lake Champlain.  It all began with the terroir, which guided the wine team, as we set out to etch this region into the world’s wine atlas. This wine tells a tale of tradition and is a reflection of the people who have tended the region’s farmland for generations, preserving its integrity. Let us share our tradition with you and your family!

Old Schoolhouse Vineyard

With full day sun exposure, this 20-acre vineyard is breathtaking. Comprised of Vergennes clay, the roots of our vines grow deep and produce exceptional quality wines. Early winemaking trials gave the team the assurance that the vision was soon to come to fruition. The vines drink the natural mountain spring water that flows down from the High Peaks into the aquifers at the foothills of the Adirondacks, where our vineyards are located. The same spring and mountain water that Teddy Roosevelt had bottled and sent to the White House now nourishes our vines.

grape vines
grape vines and sky

Lamb Hill Vineyard

Aptly named for the many sheep and lamb who once roamed close by, this smaller vineyard is where our story began! With a unique collection of cold-climate varietals, we began our journey into winemaking. The success gained in this smaller, developmental vineyard was a precursor to the Old Schoolhouse Vineyard, where nearly 12,000 vines now grow under the watchful eye of stately High Peaks. The unique terroir of predominantly clay and limestone is one of the main factors in Rolling Hills Estate Winery’s success, and the ultimate flavor of our wines.


Strong Roots
Stewards of Winemaking

In the heart of the Champlain Valley of New York AVA, a partnership thrives between those who craft wine and those who savor it. Together, we are creating experiences which celebrate what good wine is all about.  Wine is not just a drink; it tells the story of the people who have worked on this land and nurtured the vines. It’s about winemakers who painstakingly create it, and our Guests who become part of the wine experience. Here, tradition and innovation have come together, crafting a future for wine that is as rich and diverse as its storied past.

The Champlain Valley AVA

The Champlain Valley of New York AVA, in upstate New York, is approximately 82-miles long and is nestled between the Adirondack Mountains and the iconic Lake Champlain. With sprawling vistas, acres upon acres of wooded trails, waterfalls, hidden gems and stunning mountain views, the geography of the western shoreline of this AVA is diverse and cinematic. The AVA covers about 500 square miles in Clinton and Essex Counties, New York. To learn more about the terroir, the wine and the people, visit  Carpe Travel’s AVA Guide to the Champlain Valley of New York.


A Clear Path From the Vineyard to the Bottle

Dan Faber, Head Winemaker

Dan Faber winemaker

“Nella botte piccola c’è il vino buono!” – Italian Proverb – “In the small barrel, there is good wine!”

Charles Looby, Assistant Winemaker

Charles Looby

“Each bottle of wine is a labor of love, a blend of meticulous work and the unique terroir that whispers the story of the vineyards. Opening it unveils not just a drink, but a crafted expression of time, dedication, and the essence of the land it came from.”